Shawn Gray Design

Rapid-Fire Large Doc Design

SEAChange @ Cleveland's Music Box

  Deliverables: Multi-panel interactive PDFs for 8 entrepreneurs and start-ups

  Audience: Panel of small business investors

  Tools used: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro DC, Google Slides

I was approached by the head of SEAChange, a Cleveland-based organization aimed at assisting and promoting local business growth, and given the task to build engaging, informative, and (most importantly) quick-tempo presentations for 8 entrepreneurs all within the span of a few weeks. The entrepreneurs then presented their products (shown within my design work) to a Shark Tank style panel of investors in hopes of winning investment prizes.

The groups I worked with:

  1. KinderKits (First Place prize winner of $25,000) — preparing kids for kindergarten with creative activities.
  2. Ironborne Brew Works (Second Place prize winner of $15,000) — spreading charity and good community in 3 steps: Gather, Gulp, Give.
  3. Smartmulch (Third Place prize winner of $10,000) — reducing vast amounts of waste by completely rethinking mulch packaging.
  4. Suds Brewing Co. (Fourth Place prize winner of $5,000) — two young brothers converting brewery waste into great-smelling bar soap.
  5. BabyMunch — providing nutritious smoothies for babies, toddlers, and young children of low-income families.
  6. Discuss Social Justice — new social media platform to connect teens, teachers, and counselors in a safe environment.
  7. MOMENT — innovative solar-powered motorized kiosks.
  8. P.A.L.S. for Healing — championing art therapy as a solution to many chronic emotional and psychological problems.