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Brand Design · Website Design

Adulting Logo

  Audience: 20-35 year old men and women seeking guidance and support to become better, more independent adults

  Tools used: Prepros, Sublime Text, Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress

  Deliverables: Logo & website

Candace Swaisgood, owner and operator of Adulting: A Crash Course, met me through my work with WIN Collaboratory and the Cleveland State Small Business Development Center. Her idea is to help others in our age demographic—those of us who may be struggling to hold their own in "the real world"—become better, stronger adults. She does this by focusing on 5 main areas:

  1. Home life
  2. Work life
  3. Money management
  4. Food & drink
  5. Health & wellness

My job is to take her vision and help make it a reality by building a logo and a unique, modern website that serves as a hub for events, resources, crash course workshops, and blog articles.